Power, Hydraulics & Plastics

Strict Production Systems Produce Components for Power, Hydraulics & Plastics Industries

Lean manufacturing tools and methodologies result in efficient production

Urban Manufacturing employs autoloading machining centers, robotics and lean manufacturing tools and methodologies when machining parts for power, hydraulics and plastics industries.


As a result of these strict production protocols, customers - for example - Eaton Cooper Power Systems, consistently bring a significant portion of their high-volume precision machining work to Urban Manufacturing.

As a matter of fact, machining parts for Eaton Cooper Power Systems, then called RT&E, was Urban's very first job back in 1978. Forty plus years later, we still have their trust to manufacture quality parts.

Urban Manufacturing assures that precise part production processes and techniques are in place to make our relationships with customers successful:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Registration
  • Continuous employee training
  • Lean manufacturing tools and methodology
  • Experience machining a wide variety of materials
  • Management of subcontracted work: plating, fabrication, heat-treating, and more
  • High-level assembly department within an isolated, controlled atmosphere area
  • Packaging and fulfillment services

Find out what Urban Manufacturing can produce to meet your manufacturing needs by contacting us to request a quote.