Packaging & Fulfillment

Packaging and Shipping Services Direct to Your Destination

Your parts will arrive in the precise condition they were created

Machining parts is just the beginning of what you get with Urban Manufacturing. Our services also include custom packaging and shipping solutions for safe and efficient transport.

Distribution experts are on hand to offer you a number of convenient packaging options designed to ease your shipping concerns. We pack and protect your valuable parts and components to prepare for the shipping process.

Count on Urban Manufacturing to:

  • Procure packaging and package design
  • Prep parts prior to shipping, including washing, deflashing and deburring
  • Acquire clam shells, blister packs and header cards
  • Inkjet-label parts and packages
  • Source Kanban pull packages and other packaging for lean manufacturing
  • Foam-wrap, bag and box parts
  • Secure corrugated paper and plastic fluted boxes for secure shipment
  • Procure custom paper, corrugated foam, and plastic trays and inserts
  • Assemble box inserts, product information sheets, assembly sheets and retail package contents
  • Stretch-wrap pallets
  • Custom-crating for domestic and international shipping
  • Incorporate impact sensors and shock timers in shipping containers
  • Manage local, regional, national and global shipping options

Need retail packaging and shipping directly to your distribution centers or retail outlets? Our fulfillment department is on it.


Shipping locally, nationally and internationally

With our own fleet of trucks and commercial shipping services, including daily VMI Vendor Managed Inventory deliveries, JIT inventory and Kanban deliveries direct to stock or the production line, your parts are where they need to be.

Urban Manufacturing’s fulfillment experts manage and direct international crating and shipping of custom wooden crates (heat-treated for easy export). We also incorporate impact sensors and shock timers, when necessary, to protect your parts from damage incurred in transit. We understand the complexities and international laws for overseas shipments.


Since it is not finished until it’s packaged and shipped, contact us or request a quote for an end-to-end solution that meets your needs.